City Council Proposal: New Business- Ceremonial Dedication of Market Street between Front Street East and the Esplanade as “Paul Oberman Walk”

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February 25, 2014

To: Toronto and East York Community Council Re: New Business- Ceremonial Dedication of Market Street between Front Street East and the Esplanade as “Paul Oberman Walk”


I am submitting a motion to Community Council to ceremonially dedicate a portion of Market Street, between Front Street East and The Esplanade, as “Paul Oberman Walk”.

Mr. Oberman applied his passion and vision for architecture, heritage and urban design during his three decades of work in Canada’s real estate industry. His companies became recognized as leaders in the areas of architectural merit and heritage preservation. His many successful projects include the North Toronto Station, King James Place, the Shops of Summerhill and the redevelopment of heritage properties on Market Street. Mr. Oberrnan also acquired the Gooderham Flatiron Building in 2005 and, through his passion and expertise, this iconic landmark building has been preserved for generations to enjoy.

Mr. Oberman’s projects have been widely published and have received numerous awards, including Canada’s highest architectural honour, the Governor General’s Award for Architecture, and recognition by Heritage Canada for outstanding stewardship of Canada’s architectural heritage. He received the Heritage Toronto Special Achievement Award for his lifetime of work after his passing in 2011 in a tragic airplane accident.

In association with the restoration of the Market Street properties and their new restaurants, Mr. Oberman initiated a proposal transform the street into a pedestrian oriented, beautified promenade. His vision was implemented in partnership with City staff. A landmark flexible streetscape that uses innovative engineering and high quality design to provide animated patio space and a beautiful walk was completed in 2013.

In recognition of Mr. Oberman’s contributions to the heritage fabric of Toronto, and in particular his landmark Market Street project, I am bringing forward a request that the portion of Market Street between Front Street East and The Esplanade be ceremonially named “Paul Oberman Walk”. This naming will appropriately honour the promenade streetscape that is his legacy.

Mr. Oberman’s family, the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, and the St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood Business Improvement area have all been consulted and support the ceremonial dedication.


1. City Council authorize the General Manager of Transportation Services to post special honorary name signs to read “Paul Oberman Walk” on Market Street between Front Street East and The Esplanade and/or to coordinate with the property owner of the heritage buildings on the west side of Market Street to mount the signage on the facade of the buildings in consultation with Preservation Services staff.

PDF: Street Naming Request

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