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Market Street Original ViewPaul Oberman believed that neighbourhoods thrive when architectural heritage is preserved and re-purposed as a backdrop for healthy community interaction. This vision is taking hold in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. Paul’s company, Woodcliffe Landmark Properties, is currently engaged in a redevelopment project on the west side of Market Street, across from the south market, that will become a key feature in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. A mix of redevelopment and new construction, it will exemplify the concept of ‘adaptive re-use’ by repurposing historic structures and incorporating them into the fabric of 21st century Toronto.

Market Street ProposedTo fully realize Paul’s vision and create focus and purpose, the site redevelopment would best flourish part of a larger gathering space. Signing this petition will move us one step closer to creating a truly livable public space by making Market Street a pedestrian-only zone and lining its east side it with a bright and lively flower market. And what better way to honour the man whose vision has provided us with so many wonderful urban experiences than by renaming this wonderful destination ‘Oberman Way’.

Please sign the petition below and support this important initiative to honour Paul’s legacy and create an urban experience to last generations.

 “One should see this project as proving an anchor for the revitalization of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood and the rehabilitation of the Old Town that began more than three decades ago. The work left to be done is to establish it as one of the great historic precincts of North America. The Market Street renewal will be central to this effort.”

– The Honourable David Crombie

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